Advisory Services

Phil’s a respected and inspirational leader and has written a leadership manual ‘The Power of People’ which has been internationally recognised as the must have manual for all turf managers in our modern-day industry. Phil is passionate about people with a trusted ability to deliver excellence through sound agronomy, engagement of teams and proactive communication with stakeholders.

These skills combined with a respected agronomy presence, budget forecasting and trusted relationships in the industry, allow Phil to deliver a full circle approach to the modern business of golf course maintenance at the highest level.

The Vision – people, culture, detail

Phil’s advisory services allow for the best of all worlds – experienced management, sound agronomic knowledge, a keen eye for detail, a wealth of established industry connections, development of in-house talent, world class knowledge to develop playing surfaces and ongoing best practices applied through a ‘roll your sleeves up’ style of mentoring and continuous education.

Phil Helmn will set the standards and reset the dial for agronomy practices for your future. A combination of excellent people management skills blended with experience across the globe Phil’s business plan is a ‘hands-on’ style game changer. This proposal sets out the benefits of engaging with Phil, in the long term, to build a secure plan that accesses the best knowledge, the best team building skills and the best long term succession planning option in a financially viable and sound manner.

Map out the next 3 years with confidence!

1. Expertise is awfully expensive. Phil will give your club access to some of the best greenkeeping knowledge on the market in a cost-effective manner. Phil will highlight significant cost savings on machinery and materials within the budget which could be re-invested into the club.

2. Mapping out the long term for the team, the agronomics and presentation of the golf course by developing the right personnel with the right values and knowledge whilst having the backstop of Phil’s expertise always on hand.

3. Phil’s team building, and culture development credentials are unquestionable, a track record of building motivated teams will translate into success and high levels of presentation at your club.

4. Phil is in for the long term and works on a partnership basis. He understands that golf clubs are a business where a quality golf course, not only enhances the enjoyment for its members, but can also attract customers from far and wide which helps to generate greater profits for the club to re-invest.

The Timeline

Year 1 – Engagement and Foundation Building.

Agronomic assessment. Maintenance programmes established. Budget analysis a priority. Best practice processes implemented resulting in high standards of presentation. Team culture outlined. Bring on team skills on a phased improvement plan.

Year 2 – Team Development and Processes Instilled.

Innovative culture and values instilled in the team. Enhancement of fertility programmes, continue mentoring and developing individuals. Introduce training programmes for the wider team and outline potential course development projects (if applicable).

Year 3 – Agronomic Stability and Course Presentation Embedded.

Team become confident, dynamic, self-sufficient and respected as a professional unit within the club. Golf course on a sound agronomic path where cost effective programmes firmly in place.